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Avoid these mistakes as you redecorate your bathroom in 2017. With decór planning and a little research, you can truly improve your space and make your bathroom an inviting oasis with a refreshing ambiance. Here are some pitfalls to avoid as you beautify the room.

Mistake #1: Glass Shower with Uncleanable Spaces

Adding a glass shower to your bathroom or replacing one that is damaged is a wonderful idea. As you brainstorm and explore the many glass shower possibilities, make sure that your selections make sense for your particular bathroom. It is imperative to avoid creating unreachable nooks and crannies where moisture can settle in and mold and mildew can flourish. An example of this would be a glass panel installed very close to a knee wall.

Mistake #2: Commode as the Focal

In bathroom design as in life it’s desirable to put one’s best foot forward. This means considering the various bathroom appliances and furnishings and emphasizing the most attractive pieces. Charming bathroom focal points include a frameless glass shower enclosure, a framed mirror hung above a vessel sink, a custom vanity made of reclaimed barn wood, or a chandelier over the tub. The toilet is a necessary but typically less appealing bathroom fixture, so avoid arranging the room in a way that emphasizes it. In fact, you can even consider tucking it behind a knee wall or a frosted glass partition to ensure that it does not draw attention away from the room’s true focal point.

Mistake #3: Insufficient Mirror Space

Your refurbished bathroom should not only look amazing, but it should be a relaxing place defined by convenience and functionality, and having enough mirror space is vital to this. In the master bath, for instance, consider a vanity mirror that extends from wall to wall or perhaps two separate mirrors, one above each sink in a double vanity. If siblings have to get ready for school at the same time, you may also want to add an extra mirror or upgrade to a larger one in the kids’ bathroom. Offering more mirror space is about boosting functionality, but it’s also important for the room’s décor. Mirror options in 2017 include polished edge mirrors, beveled mirrors, framed mirrors, cut-outs to allow for existing wall fixtures, stand-off installation with spacers, and many custom mirror shapes.

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Mistake #4: Compromising on Storage

The loveliest bathroom in the world will not be inviting if it is marred by clutter. Make storage solutions a priority as you redecorate your home’s bathrooms in 2017. Appealing storage possibilities for a restroom setting include:

• glass shelves
• wooden crates
• canvas bins
• wicker baskets
• extra robe hooks
• corner linen cabinets

Always strive for storage that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. For example, glass shelving offers great storage surfaces, is easy to sanitize, and can withstand the often humid atmosphere in a bathroom. At the same time, it is attractive and brings crisp lines and the charm of glass to the space.

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