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Making green choices part of your home remodel is not hard thanks to the many environmentally friendly options available to consumers today. The best products and practices are those that respect and safeguard natural resources while offering great quality, functionality, and longevity at an affordable price.

Here are three practical ways to incorporate your appreciation for our natural environment into your home renovation plans.

Switch to high-performance windows.

Today’s energy-efficient replacement windows can reflect the sun’s warmth back to the outdoors in the summer and minimize loss of furnace heat in the winter, thus lowering both your heating and air-conditioning costs. Choose from among windows with the Energy Star label or those that meet the even higher R-5 standards.

You will find that modern window manufacturers offer you energy-friendly features such as Low-E coatings to strategically reflect heat, double and triple pane design for better insulation, and argon or krypton gas between panes for another boost in insulating capabilities. The use of these high-performance windows not only lessens your home’s environmental footprint but lowers your energy costs every year.

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Use water saving bathroom appliances.

You can reduce waste and your utility costs at the same time with water saving fixtures in your bathroom. Toilets are available that use significantly less water per flush than standard commodes.

You can also select from a range of water-saving faucets and shower heads to further decrease water use in the bathroom. Many of these environmentally friendly fixtures are aesthetically pleasing and would complement today’s popular installations such as clear glass shower enclosures, basin sinks, glass tiles, and subway tiles.

Choose products made from reclaimed lumber.

Environmentally savvy furniture makers are using old buildings such as gyms and barns as well as discarded items like packing crates and pallets as sources of unique and meaningful lumber. You can order custom furniture and fixtures made of reclaimed wood, or you can shop for finished items. Possibilities include:

•    Dining tables
•    Kitchen cabinets
•    Kitchen countertops
•    Bathroom vanities
•    Bed frames and headboards
•    Bar stools
•    Chairs
•    Coffee tables

These items are not just “green” remodeling choices; they are one-of-a-kind pieces that add character and visual appeal to your living space.
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