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Simple, streamlined designs – think Scandi bathrooms – aren’t going away, but they now have competition in the form of maximalism. It sounds like the opposite of minimalism, and that’s pretty much what it is. However, there’s more to maximalism than simply adding a lot of stuff to your space. “[M]aximalism isn’t about filling every square inch in your home with stuff. It is more about the art of combining colors, prints, and eclectic embellishments,” says Deirdre Sullivan of The Spruce. At the same time, if you’re worn out trying to keep every room pared down to the bare essentials, a dip into the waters of maximalist design could bring a welcome respite. (Not to mention, maximalism means loading up on what you like and being an on-trend decorator at the same time!) Let’s check out 3 ways to try maximalism without totally changing your home.

Create a bold display on one wall.

If you browse photos of maximalist spaces, one common theme is a gallery or display wall – basically a wall that’s covered with art, books, or other items. Devoting one wall to maximalism is a way to play with this decorating style and introduce it into your room without taking up floor space or making a more permanent commitment like zebra print wallpaper! Here are few ideas:

  • Books are very welcome in maximalist designs, so if you have books tucked away in storage or forming annoying clutter elsewhere, you’re in luck. Have glass shelves installed all the way up your chosen wall and fill them with your books. You’ll also get to pick your favorite (and not necessarily matching) book ends to complete the project.
  • Another option is creating a gallery wall filled with eclectic wall hangings. In the maximalist style, you can mix patterns, colors, and genres but want to do so in a curated way. Besides paintings, prints, and photos, considers framing a mirror, piece of your child’s artwork, or favorite poster.
  • Perhaps your most treasured pieces aren’t wall hangings but actual items. In this case, arrange your display on a cabinet, sideboard, or wall shelf. For more of a maximalist effect, you could paint the wall behind it a deep color or hang a panel of back painted glass.

Glamorize your main bathroom.

Never envisioned a maximalist bathroom? Megan McCarty of Hunker highlights 9 maximalist bathrooms with features like gold accents, dark wall colors, lots of tile, bold wallpaper, living plants, and more. Covering surfaces with gorgeous tiles or papering the walls with jungle print might be just what your bathroom needs. If you’re looking for less expense and commitment, though, you could simply paint the walls in your favorite jewel tone and add a luxe vibe by way of other items:

  • Beautiful over-sized pendant light above the sink.
  • Gold plated hardware for your glass shower enclosure.
  • Unique potted plants and wall art. (Inexpensive and easy to relocate if you want to change styles.)
  • Curtains with unique or eye-catching patterns.

Thoughtfully re-imagine your living room.

For busy families the living room can be one of the most difficult spaces to achieve minimalism. This makes sense because it is the living room – the place we live, where we watch family movies, play board games, snuggle under a blanket with a favorite book, etc. Switching to maximalism doesn’t mean it will now look awesome if your kids leave their backpacks on the floor, but it just might mean a beautiful room that’s easier to actually live in. Apartment Therapy’s Alyssa Longobucco explains maximalism and lays out some of its features, including:

  • Diverse patterns with a particular color running through them.
  • Intentional but plentiful accent items and extras.
  • Deep, rich color palettes.
  • Furniture and mirrors that feature unusual shapes and profiles.
  • Bringing harmony to a room’s eclectic décor through layering.

So how could all this help you create a more livable and stylish living room? What about large, colorful woven bins? You could line these up along one wall as a place for family members to stash backpacks, shoes, and other clutter-prone items. How about adding shelves to fill with books, board games, family photos, your child’s rock collection, and so on? Also, everything doesn’t have to match in a maximalist space, so feel free to show off the accent pillows you crocheted or drape a favorite throw over the back of a chair.

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