two mirrors in corner with workout equipmentThe Northern Virginia area is fast paced and when beginning the path to your home gym that fast pace can lead to major wall mirror mistakes. Residents in areas like Fairfax, Mclean and Vienna are eager to create spaces in their homes where they can take a few minutes a day to stay healthy and in shape.


Due to the nature of the area and the demands of living and working here, trying to get needs met quickly can quickly turn into a disaster.  So before you begin to create your home gym with wall mirrors consider some dos and don’ts and tricks of the trade.  As a homeowner or designer it is good to know some very simple basics about the mirror installation process.


Beginning the Process of Home Gym Wall Mirrors

The first step to wall mirrors is to call and speak with a glass professional and schedule for a measure and estimate. During this meeting the estimator will go over your options, but even these few options may seem overwhelming if you did consider them prior to the in-home consult.


The two major things to keep in mind are whether or not you want a ballet bar and/or glass shelves installed in addition to your mirrors.  If you are contemplating adding these to your gym, you may want to mention this on the phone when you call to schedule your free estimate.


In the end, he will custom measure for your wall to wall mirrors and carefully prepare the measure for the placement of the glass shelves and ballet bar.


Other Concerns about Wall Mirror Installations

Most glass experts and estimators will easily measure for the electric outlets that are on the wall and of course take the wall dimensions into account; however, there are some things that the expert might forget to ask…such as whether or not you want a ballet bar or glass shelves.


free-weights in a little gym with two mirrors

Another very big mistake that people make is assuming that the mirror can just cover old outlets, but that is not the case and the outlets need to be properly sealed.  Make sure that your glass expert is notified about that as well.


After You Have Decided to Add a Home Gym

When preparing to create your home gym or dance studio careful planning and mindfulness is important.   There are some things that have to be done prior to installation, during the custom cutting the mirrors.


Remember, the first thing to know is if you want a ballet bar or glass shelves installed it must be prepared for the bar/shelves prior to the installation.  If the installer comes to affix your new mirrors and you try to a get a bar installed that day, it cannot happen.


a gym with mirrors all along the wall and workout balls in a corner, both purple and blue balls

Also, remember that second big mistake is leaving open outlets and expect the person estimating to just cover over old outlets.


There are two things to keep in mind, one is to make sure that your contractor has taken care of the problem and if your glass company does try to cover the open outlets with the mirror without properly sealing them off, it is against code and could cause big problems including money and time.


Choosing the Right Glass Company

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. understands the needs of the homeowners and residents in the Fairfax and Northern Virginia area.


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