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Remodeling your home can be a big undertaking, but working with a trusted company like ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can reduce stress and worry. Our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction is a great asset to you in all parts of the project dealing with glass or mirror. We offer custom glass and mirror installations that fit perfectly in your unique space, so you can count on us for quality products tailored to your needs.

1. Enclose a tub/shower unit with glass. One of the easiest ways to give a bathroom a new ambiance is by switching from a shower curtain to a glass enclosure. Many bathrooms have a tub with both a faucet and shower head. This unit is typically enclosed on two or three sides by the bathroom walls, and ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can finish off the stall with glass for a fresh look. Choose from among a few appealing options:

  • Semi-frameless bypass doors
  • An in-line door and panel (swinging door beside a piece of fixed glass)
  • Rolling “barn style” door unit
  • Double swinging doors

Whichever door option you choose, know that we can add a 90 degree return as well if this needed to complete the enclosure.

2. Build a large frameless shower enclosure for your master suite. Are you ready to add luxury your master suite? If space allows, there’s no better way to do this than with a frameless shower enclosure in the master bath. These luxurious showers are built from heavy glass and are void of aluminum framing. The effect is light and airy, and they instantly give your space a high-end look and feel. Consider dramatic options such as:

  • A freestanding enclosure will all walls made of glass.
  • A very large shower enclosure that also houses a detached soaker tub.
  • A walk-in shower enclosure with an open entryway.

You will be able to tailor the unit to the style of the bathroom through your selection of glass style, handle and hinge design, and the hardware finish.

3. Add a frame to a mirror already hung on your wall. ABC can help you easily improve a mirror already adhered to your wall (standard sizes only, speak with our team to ensure feasibility for your specific mirror). Through our partnership with MirrorMate, we offer Ready Frame. Ready Frame allows you to enjoy the fresh beauty and charm of a framed mirror, without buying a new mirror. Instead, your existing mirror is left in place, and a frame is simply added to it. Ready Frames are available in a range of colors and styles to meet your decorating needs.

4. Cover your dining table with a glass top. A glass table top allows you to enjoy a fresh look without replacing your dining table. Choose clear glass if you wish to protect and display the existing top. Alternatively, you can order acid-etched, sand-blasted, gray tinted, bronze tinted, or back-painted glass if your goal is camouflaging or hiding a scratched or stained table top. Whichever type of glass you select, ABC can send a professional to your home to take exact measurements and show you product samples. We will then cut the glass to the appropriate specifications and schedule pick-up or professional installation.

5. Create a bathroom wall covering made from Dreamwalls glass. Dreamwalls glass is back-painted low iron glass that is available in any color you desire. Its smooth, easily sanitized surface makes it a wonderful choice for a bathroom wall covering. You can cover one wall to create a focal point, cover all the walls for a smooth, modern look, or use sections of Dreamwalls as “glass wainscoting.” The important thing to remember when working with Dreamwalls glass is that it is customizable. You can select from a range of stock colors, but you can also request any custom shade you need. Moreover, the size and shape of each piece of Dreamwalls glass is dependent upon your specific project requirements.

6. Revamp your kitchen cabinets with glass shelves and cabinet glass. It’s not just dining tables that can get a makeover with glass. You can also give your kitchen a new look without actually replacing the cabinets. Instead replace the shelves and the door inserts with glass. Glass shelving inside your cabinets can give your entire kitchen a more high-end feel. Additionally, it is a durable replacement for shelves that are sagging, water marked, or broken. This upgrade will be highly visible if paired with clear cabinet glass on the cupboard doors.

Many homeowners love the look of clear glass on cupboard door fronts, but worry about the stress of keeping the interiors of all the cupboards tidy and organized. The answer to this dilemma is pairing clear cabinet glass with frosted or patterned cabinet glass. Utilize clear for all cupboards that hold visually appealing kitchenware like dishes, glasses, spices, etc. Opt for frosted or patterned glass on catch-all cupboards or cupboards that house canned goods, cleaning supplies, and so forth.

7. Use replacement glass to deal with fogged and/or cracked window panes. A glass problem that plagues many homes is damaged window panes. This damage can take the form of cracks, chips, or “fogginess” between the panes. In most cases, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help you address these problems without replacing the windows. Our replacement units are sections of double pane window glass that can be used to replace problematic panes. So if you’re happy with your windows overall, we can simply remove all broken or foggy panes and replace them with pristine, energy friendly units.

8. Add more storage options to your home with custom glass shelving. More storage and convenient organization systems are also goals for many Americans completing a home remodel. Glass shelving from ABC Glass and Mirror makes it easy to achieve these objectives while also adding style and beauty to your home. Our custom glass shelves can be installed:

  • on the wall
  • in cupboards
  • in closets
  • in hutches and display cases
  • in bookcases

The glass can be clear, frosted, patterned, so you can order shelving that complements the rest of your home décor.

9. Install a wall to wall vanity mirror for convenience and aesthetic appeal. Upgrade your master bath with a wall to wall vanity mirror that maximizes the functionality of your double vanity. With a wide mirror, you and your spouse will have plenty of space to get ready for work simultaneously. Select a polished edge for a more dressy beveled edge depending on the desired look. Don’t let the presence of outlets or light switches prevent you from enjoying a wall to wall vanity mirror. ABC can add necessary cut outs so that the mirror can be installed and the outlets and switches left in place.

10. Create a table with a clear glass top. Glass table tops have potential beyond refreshing a dining table. You can use clear tempered glass to create a table with a transparent top. To achieve this, the clear glass is affixed to a pedestal or support system, typically made of wood or metal. You can count on ABC for the custom-cut piece of glass needed to create a unique table like this, and we offer a range of options for the edge-work including polished, beveled, and pencil edge.

11. Finish off a single stall shower with a swinging door. Does your home include a bathroom with a single stall shower? Even this simple fixture can be beautified with a glass shower door. Not only will the elegance of the glass improve the bathroom’s overall aura, but clear glass can be used to make both the bathroom as a whole and the shower stall itself feel roomier. Choose a frameless, semi-frameless, or framed door depending on your budget and the desired look. Remember that the door can be further tailored to the room’s style by your selection of handle and hinges.

12. Use a wall mirror to make a small room feel larger. Speaking of making space feel larger, have you considered adding a wall mirror to a small room? Covering one wall with a mirror or a number of mirrors will instantly made the room appear twice as deep. Wall mirrors can also improve the room’s atmosphere by reflecting an especially attractive feature or piece, such as a window with a view or an antique sofa. Creating a mirror wall can give a small family room or dining room a brand new feel.

13. Re-imagine a pre-owned bookcase with frosted cabinet glass and shelves. Decorate your remodeled house with furniture that is fashionable and functional. A used bookcase purchased at a garage sale or flea market can be transformed with the help of ABC Glass and Mirror. We can switch out the original shelves and door fronts for custom glass shelves and pieces of cabinet glass in your choice of clear, frosted, or patterned. Your up-cycled bookcase can become the focal point of a cute reading nook in a living room corner!

14. Update your kitchen with a back-painted glass backsplash. We discussed using Dreamwalls back-painted glass for a bathroom wall covering, but it can also function as a seamless or nearly seamless kitchen backsplash. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning grout lines, and replace your tile backsplash with a modern one made of custom back-painted glass. This will give the kitchen contemporary flair and a sleek simple look that will bring it in line with today’s trends.

15. Build a backyard greenhouse using Plexiglas acrylic sheeting. If you or someone in your family is a gardener, consider having ABC Glass and Mirror help you create your own personal greenhouse. For extra safety and stability, we can use a glass alternative such as Plexiglas to achieve a glass-like appearance and enhanced durability. Plexiglas has a great look, is stronger even than tempered glass, and stands up better to solar rays that polycarbonate sheeting. If you’re interested in upgrading your outdoor living space with a private greenhouse, call ABC and ask about the possibilities.

16. Keep your outdoor living space accessible with new patio doors. Convenient access to your deck, porch, or patio makes it easier to make the most of the natural beauty of your outdoor living space. If you have patio doors that are drafty or no longer operate properly, look into energy efficient replacements from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Our replacement patio doors can help you ensure safe and attractive access to your porch, patio, or deck.

17. Boost your home’s energy efficiency by having high-performance vinyl windows installed. Likewise, we can help you address windows that:

  • have been painted shut
  • let in drafts
  • are unattractive
  • have broken components

Our line of high performance vinyl windows offer green features including Low-E coatings, argon or krypton between the panes, and double or triple pane glazing. You may find that replacement windows not only improve your home’s aesthetic appeal but also lower your heating and/or cooling bills. We offer windows in a range of sizes and types including bay, bow, picture, garden, casement, slider, hopper, and double hung.

18. Complete your in-home steam shower with a frameless glass enclosure. If you want to really transform your master bath with spa-inspired amenities, you’re probably considering a steam shower. The perfect finish to any steam shower is a frameless glass enclosure custom built by ABC Glass and Mirror. Your enclosure will be tailor made to fit in your specific space, taking in consideration any structural oddities that might be present such as corners that are greater than or less than 90 degrees.

We hope you’ll partner with ABC Glass and Mirror as you improve and beautify your home. Call us at 703-257-7150 to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate with one of our knowledgeable glass experts!

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