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Glass shower options are many and varied, so even most small bathrooms can be upgraded with a glass door or enclosure. The right type of door or stall design for a bathroom depends on, not only the room’s dimensions, but also the layout, the size and placement of the other fixtures, and the homeowner’s specific needs and preference

Single Swinging Door

In a compact bathroom with a small shower stall, one of the best ways to dress up the space can be a swinging glass door. The caveat to be aware of is that the door will have to be able to swing outward, per building codes, so there must be sufficient clearance for it to do so safely and conveniently.

If a single swinging door is feasible, clear glass is recommended if you want to make the bathroom appear larger. Utilizing a transparent door panel extends the line of sight into the shower enclosure itself, so that the room’s overall square footage seems greater.

Know that a glass door will dress up and beautify both the shower stall and the room as a whole. In addition to clear glass, you can choose patterned, frosted, tinted, or cast glass if you desire privacy or a different look. Additionally, ordering a custom swinging shower door also allows you to select from a variety of styles and finishes for the handles and hinges.

Bypass Doors

On the other hand, your bathroom might have a tub/shower combo or wider shower but limited open floor space near the stall. If this describes your situation, bypass shower doors are a product to explore. What makes these doors a good choice for a little bathroom is the fact that they don’t take up any more room than a shower curtain. There are two door panels on a bypass unit and they both open by sliding in metal tracks, which removes the need for open floor space around the shower entrance.

Bypass doors can be made from clear, patterned, frosted, or tinted glass, and there are quite a few options for the metal components. These will typically be semi-frameless units, meaning that the enclosure itself is bordered by a thin aluminum frame while the door panels themselves are frameless.

Frameless Sliding Doors

Another option for homeowners who want a shower door that glides open and shut is a frameless slider. These units feature a door panel that opens by sliding in front of the fixed glass panel beside it. All the glass used to construct these units is frameless, but there will be some sort of metal rod, track, etc. with rollers that allow the door panel to move. Frameless sliderz sport a stylish, contemporary look, and they are very space friendly.

Neo-Angle Corner Shower

A neo-angle corner shower can be an ideal choice for a bathroom that is small but not tiny. An enclosure like this is, of course, stationed in one of the room’s corners. The corner is enclosed by two fixed glass panels with a swinging door panel in the middle. The fixed glass meets the existing walls at 90 degree angles and the door panel at 35 degree angles. A neo-angle corner shower adds glamour to a bathroom, and a variety of options for the glass and metal make it easy for you customize the look.

steam shower in the center of photo with steam coming out

Steam Showers

You might be able to add luxury to a small bathroom by going with a steam enclosure. To enjoy a steam shower right in your own bathroom you need, not only the steam shower apparatus, but an enclosure with certain features.

• Seals up from floor to ceiling
• Entire interior is covered with a material that can withstand high humidity
• Operable transom for steam control

If these changes can be made to your enclosure, then it is a good candidate for a steam shower conversion. Making this change is a great way to transform an ordinary, narrow shower stall into a relaxing retreat.

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