BlogBathroom Decor Tips

If your bathroom lacks personality and charm, try one of these 10 fixes for a more inviting space!

  1. Paint the trim. Walls and trim in “rental white” can contribute to a bathroom’s drab atmosphere. However, you can quickly make a statement by painting the trim in one of your favorite colors. A pastel can create a quaint, cottage ambiance, while a bright color will come off as more modern and edgy. Remember that colors used in a bathroom should feel fresh and clean, so it’s best to stay away from super earthy paint shades such as olive green.
  2. Add a curio shelf. Have a small glass shelf installed in your bathroom. This will provide convenient storage space, but it’s also the perfect setting for a curio collection of seashore finds, heirloom figurines, or whatever it is you collect! Even the glass shelf itself can express your personality if you order from a custom glass shop such as ABC Glass and Mirror. The type of glass, dimensions of the glass, placement of the shelf, and style of brackets are all up to you.
  3. Include some one-of-a-kind art. Chances are, if you’re not artsy, someone in your family or friend circle is. Consider displaying a work of art someone has already given you or commissioning a painting or drawing that relates to something important to you. Decorating a bathroom wall with an original piece beautifies the room and can impart a theme to an otherwise blasé space.
  4. Introduce pops of color with new towels. Keep redecorating costs down by introducing a burst of color via useful items – hand towels and bath towels. A little research into home décor trends will supply you with popular colors from which to choose. Brightly colored towels hanging on your hooks and towel bars double as wall ornaments and quickly spice up a blah room.
  5. Give the bathroom a theme. A themed bathroom is always more intriguing than one that’s purely utilitarian. Coastal and spa-inspired themes are popular today, but the choice is yours. Take inspiration from a particular decade, a place you’ve visited, or even your favorite music genre. Add a wall hanging and a knick-knack that clearly showcase your theme and then choose bathroom accessories – rugs, towels, soap dish – that enhance it. If you’re going for beachfront vibes, for instance, you could hang a picture of lighthouse, place a conch shell on the vanity counter, and choose pale blue and white bath linens and accessories.
  6. Make a statement with your window treatments. Unique, themed, or high end window treatments add pizzazz to a run-of-the-mill bathroom. If your home has a distinct style of architecture this can guide your choice of curtains or blinds. For example, someone living in a traditional farmhouse might choose lightweight curtain panels with a subtle plaid pattern.
  7. Bring in back painted glass. Low-iron glass is painted, coated, and installed with the unpainted side facing out. This back painted glass is gorgeous, hygienic, and easy to maintain. In a bathroom, it can function as a backsplash, wall covering, toilet screen, or shower wall panel. While it’s offered in stock colors, you can also special order a custom color-matched shade.
  8. Re-imagine your vanity. A standard vanity can become a statement piece. Possibilities include:
  9. Repaint or refinish the vanity for a fresh look and/or color.
  10. Replace standard door knobs and hinges with fun, fancy, or funky hardware.
  11. Remove the door fronts and have them replaced with clear, frosted, patterned, or tinted cabinet glass.
  12. If you use clear cabinet glass, consider replacing the interior vanity shelves with glass shelving for a high-end look.
  13. Change or add a light fixture. If the light fixture above your sink is dated or builder-grade, replace it with one that’s beautiful and in line with your decorating tastes. Those who are up for a bigger project might want to add a chandelier above the bathtub or sink for dramatic effect and a touch of elegance.
  14. Replace your shower curtain with glass doors. Moving from a shower curtain to custom shower doors not only allows you to create a new shower experience, but also boosts the bathroom’s resale appeal and functionality. A glass shower can be an expression of your personality and tastes because you can choose:
  15. Glass type – clear, ultra-clear, frosted, patterned, tinted, or cast.
  16. Enclosure type – frameless, semi-frameless, or framed.
  17. Door operation – swinging, bypass, or rolling.
  18. Hardware style – beveled or square-edge hinges and clamps, various handle styles, etc.
  19. Hardware finish – metallic and colored options.

Does glass or mirror have a role to play in your bathroom improvement plan? If so, we hope you’ll consider partnering with ABC Glass and Mirror. Our expert team has decades of combined experience in the glass industry and can help you design the perfect custom pieces to give your bathroom the charm, functionality, and style you desire. Set up a free in-home consultation with one of our glaziers by calling (703)257-7150 today!