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ABC Glass & Mirror offers complete mirror kits with detailed instructions for the customer to carry out the installation. (Professional installation is available for an additional charge which is not subject to any sales or promotions. Please contact us if you would like an estimate for professional installation.) Gym mirrors, installed both at home and in commercial gyms, enable you to see the results of your efforts and to improve technique when executing a workout routine. Whether you are lifting weights, dancing, doing yoga, doing acrobatic gymnastics, or any other type of physical activity, a gym mirror is a wonderful tool.

Choose your mirror size:

SizeUnit Price2 Mirrors Bundle Price3 Mirrors Bundle Price5 Mirrors Bundle Price10 Mirrors Bundle Price
24″ x 60″$434$739 $651$1,108 $868$1,847 $1,519$3,695 $3,038
24″ x 72″
$457$777 $685.50$1,166 $914$1,943 $1599.50$3,887 $3,199
36″ x 60″$479$815  $718.50$1,223 $958$2,039  $1,676.50
$4,079 $3,353
36″ x 72″$483$822 $724.50$1,233 $966$2,055 $1,690.50
$4,110 $3,381
48″ x 60″$551$938 $826.50$1,407 $1,102$2,345 $1,928.50
$4,691 $3,857
48″ x 72″$587$999 $880.50$1,499 $1,174$2,498 $2,054.50
$4,997 $4,109

Package dimensions and weights:

24″ x 60″30-3/4″63-3/8″4″47.33
24″ x 72″30-3/4″75-3/8″4″56.80
36″ x 60″42-3/4″63-3/8″4″71.00
36″ x 72″42-3/4″75-3/8″4″85.20
48″ x 60″54-3/4″63-3/8″4″94.67
48″ x 72″54-3/4″75-3/8″4″113.60

Please give ABC Glass & Mirror a call at (703)257-7150 if you need to buy in larger quantities.



Our mirrors are made of ¼” thick glass with polished edges, which are manufactured from locally sourced sand and coated with a reflective layer made in the US. They are also fitted with safety backing to keep the mirror in place in case of a fracture. Your kit will include the mirror itself, as well as mirror clips, anchors, screws, shims, and a drill bit for installation. These mirrors are ideal for professional gyms, home gyms, bathrooms, and any other spaces that require a durable, high quality, easy-to-install mirror kit. Take pride in supporting US manufacturing – mirrors and packaging made in America!

*Per industry practice, actual product measurements are 1/8″ shorter than listed dimensions. (For example, a listed dimension of 24″ x 60″ refers to product measurements of 23-7/8″ x 59-7/8″.)


Throughout history, fitness trends and the equipment used for such purposes have evolved. Today, many fitness programs include:

In the gym we practice physical activity, which is planned, structured, and repetitive. Our gym activities are purposeful with the objective of improving or maintaining one or more components of physical fitness. These exercises are often carried out in a guided and choreographed manner to achieve maximum effectiveness in training and to boost motivation. Gyms are the site of numerous fitness activities, such as:

Need more than one mirror? Pay less per mirror by ordering in bulk.

Items Included in Each Package:

1 Glass Mirror (of your selected size)
2 Mirror Mastic – Seal Bond
1 Drill Bit – 3/16″
2 Mirror Clips
2 J-Bars (for the short or long side)
20 Anchors, 10 Screws, 10 Shims

Download our Installation Guide & Warranty:

Installation Guide & Warranty in Color

Installation Guide & Warranty in Black & White

Check out our Gym Mirror Installation Video


A gym mirror offers many advantages. For example, it motivates you by showcasing your achievements as well as your shortcomings, which helps you eliminate mistakes. A mirror is also useful for perfecting your movements and exercises as you work toward your performance goals.

Aerial dance (also called acrobatic dance or aerial gymnastics) is a combination of different artistic and sports disciplines that blends contemporary dance with circus arts, acrobatics, ballet, and theater. An aerial apparatus extending down from the ceiling allows the dancer to move in both the vertical and horizontal planes. A mirror shows an aerial gymnast his/her perfect and imperfect movement, making it easier to correct any flaws.

Mirrors in school and daycare gymnasiums allow caregivers to observe all the young people from many points of view, which is beneficial for supervision as well as monitoring individual and group achievements. At the same time, every child can take advantage of this helpful tool for observing and improving their fitness activities.

Doing high intensity fitness training can be very challenging, as proper technique is necessary in order to enjoy the best results and avoid damage to joints, muscles, or nerves. The mirror is one of the most important tools for achieving this perfection. Gym mirrors make high intensity fitness classes easier, more pleasant, and more successful for both the instructor and the participants.

Please give ABC Glass & Mirror a call at (703)257-7150 to learn more about our gym mirror kits or to schedule a free consultation.

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