large bathtub in the center of the bathroom with a standing shower to the right

Are you thinking about a frameless glass door for your shower?  Are you wondering if it is an investment you want to make and will it be worth it?  Look no further for answers regarding shower doors.  Shower doors can improve the look and usability of your bathroom space, not mention the overall feel of your home.  Here are some things to consider to help you make your decision about glass shower doors.


•    Improve bathing experience
•    Increase appeal of bathroom space
•    Improves the overall look and feel
•    Shower Door installation process is simple


Shower Doors Enhance & Simplify

Glass shower doors can simplify and enhance your daily hygiene and bathroom cleaning regimen.   A shower door makes showering easy.  You just step into your shower stall, close the door and turn your water on.  There is no shower curtain to fool around with and try to seal along the tile….just open and shut your glass door.


Not only can a shower curtain become a nuisance, but it can become a cleaning nightmare!  A frameless glass shower is so much easier to keep clean than a shower curtain and there isn’t the constant replacement of the shower curtain.   Most glass used in a shower enclosure is cleaned by a quick wipe down with a soft cloth.


A bathroom renovation is one of those things that can really increase the sale price of your home as well.   One of the focal points of a bathroom renovation is the frameless glass shower door.  The increase in your home’s value may be the right reason to choose to invest in a frameless shower door.  Choosing to add a glass enclosure instead of putting up a new rod and curtain is really necessary to give your bathroom an open feel and to bring it into the future.


two sinks to the left and a glass standing shower to the right

Shower Door Purchasing Process

To start your shower door purchasing process all you have to do is call 703-257-7150 and schedule to have one of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.’s expert come to your home to measure and discuss your shower door options.  The visit is free and comes with a free estimate!


One of our knowledgeable estimators will show you your options in glass and hardware.  They will also help you choose the best option in shower doors choosing from framedsemi-frameless and frameless door varieties.  It is a no hassle, free estimate, so call today!


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