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Turn your master bathroom into a luxurious retreat that fosters relaxation and renewal. Glass can play an important role in this project due to its versatility, innate loveliness, and ability to hold up to moisture. Let’s explore three innovative ways to put glass to work for you in your master bathroom remodel.

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Steam Shower Conversion

Often an existing shower stall can be upgraded and transformed into a steam shower. In addition to the steam shower apparatus itself, the right type of glass enclosure is needed. A steam enclosure includes the following features:

  • The glass enclosure seals up completely so that it can entrap the steam generated by the warm shower spray.
  • All surfaces inside the enclosure are made of or covered with a substance that can withstand daily exposure to water and humid air.
  • There is a moveable transom above the door so that the user can let some steam escape if desired.

Partition or Wall Covering Made of Dreamwalls Glass

One way to dress up your master bath is by having a privacy partition installed near the toilet. A partition will keep this less glamourousfixture out of sight which can give the room’s ambience a boost. Dreamwalls is back-painted ultra-clear glass. The paint is available in any color you wish, so the partition could be understated or bold.

Dreamwalls also makes a great wall covering. It adorns the wall and also gives it a surface that can hold up to water drops and can be wiped clean or easily sanitized. A Dreamwalls wall covering can complement your glass shower and add more sparkle and modern charm to the space.

Cabinet Glass for Your Vanity

A third option for improving your master bath with glass is having cabinet glass installed in place of the existing door fronts on your vanity. If you don’t want the vanity contents on display, opt for frosted or patterned glass. Bringing in cabinet glass gives a new look without the hassle of totally replacing the vanity. Due to the wide range of cabinet glass styles, you can modernize a dated piece or preserve the nostalgic feel of a vintage vanity.

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